About Tom

Tom CinoTom Cino MSW, LCSW, CPC is a recognized  human behavior expert, motivator, educator, lecturer, internet radio host and Life Coach. Tom received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University in 1993 & was awarded his Master of Social Work from the University of Cincinnati in 1997. With more than 22 years working in the personal development & behavioral health fields, he brings to his coaching sessions years of expertise in helping others to expand beyond their comfort zones, reaching heights never before attained, leading and inspiring others to make behavioral changes that positively impact the lives of the people he coaches.  His warm, genuine, compassionate, empathetic yet structured approach to the coaching relationship, helps empower his coachees rise to greater heights, challenging themselves to reach their own inspired goals. He is a loving husband and father to his 2 fantastic kids and tenacious pup Gracie.

“I believe passionately that with a vision, strong belief and faith, commitment to yourself, and with ongoing motivation and support, one can create anything in life.”

Tom Cino

Our company is based on the belief that we are all driven to succeed beyond our circumstances, internal limitations and our faulty negative thoughts. When we dream, create a vision and believe; we empower ourselves to tap into the universe’s power to reach any goal or achievement. The tools are within ourselves to grow, expand, and achieve our life’s goals. Yet sometimes we need a Coach to challenge and stir our imagination, to encourage us to reach deep inside. Our team of certified professional coaches will help empower you to bring out the greatness that lies within.