What is Coaching?


Coaching is a partnership designed to provide a safe, confidential and effective synergistic relationship where personal growth and rapid change takes place.  An Empowerment Group coach provides clients with insights, guidance, and feedback from an outside perspective.  This unbiased vantage point empowers the client to see different options and angles about their unique situation, helping the client to identify solutions and to make changes that they might not have without the support, guidance, leadership, and motivation given by the coach.  The Empowerment Group’s coaching process empowers individuals to become more confident, goal directed, self assured, internally motivated, emotionally and spiritually fulfilled.

Who works with a Coach?

For years top performers; athletes, singers, public speakers, actors, dancers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives, have hired coaches to help them to achieve a “higher” success.  Today, clients come to Coaching from every profession and all walks of life.  When you choose to work with an Empowerment Group coach, we will team together as partners to help you through a life transition, or to fix, solve, create, or plan something that is “larger” than where you are currently.  Clients are challenged to expand outside of their comfort zone.  Working with an Empowerment Group coach, clients focus on what’s working and build off of that strength.  In addition, our coaching process supports clients in expanding and stretching themselves, helping the client to choose new perspectives and establishing new beliefs.  The Empowerment Group’s coaches build a bridge between where the client is and where s/he wants to be.  Together we’ll identify your goals, develop action plans and establish the momentum and motivation you need to achieve them.

We offer

  • Over 17 years creating a collaberative environment helping others to reach their Goals
  • Total dedication and commitment to your Success
  • Individualized Attention; Passion, Clarity, Vision & Energy
  • A journey of courage, excitement and challenge that is full of twists and turns
  • Coaching that touches all aspects of personal and professional growth
  • Short-term and long-term coaching strageties*

*An accelerated coaching program for individuals who are emotionally and financially ready to take a quantum leap toward realizing their dreams.